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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Evidence - The Purple Tape Instrumentals



01. Take U Back
02. Pest
03. Lost Cause
04. I'm Like
05. My Way 90291
06. Uh Oh
07. Shoot 1st
08. 421
09. Breakout
10. Space Gorilla
11. On Top
12. Darker Clouds
13. Ev' N' Al
14. Bubbler
15. Stomp
16. RTD
17. Hour Glass
18. Memories
19. Stockholm
20. Wake Up

Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-12-09
Label: Dirt Class

Instrumental hip hop for the win. I fell in love with the beats sans emcee back in high school when I was still too much into other music to appreciate a good rhyme over the top. That love still carries through today and thanks to artists like Evidence I can get my fix of the genre. To be honest I've never heard The Purple Tape but the instrumentals are the bomb.

Aloan - Better In The Springtime


01. One Dance For Destiny
02. Rise
03. The Good Day
04. In Time
05. I'm Your Tears
06. I'll Never Be A Woman
07. Tonight I'll Kill You
08. Hopefully
09. Get On Top
10. Dreaming
11. Sick Little Doll
12. We've Got What You Want
13. Better In Springtime

Genre: Trip Hop/Electronica/Downtempo
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2008
Label: n/a

Phatty production and silky smooth vocals are characteristic of this 3rd release by Aloan. Almost entirely sung by Lyn m, track 09 for earage up above has a dude with a bangin bassy voice and it goes real well with that minimalistic and loungy groove. With six musicians, their stage performance has won over crowds and critics alike in major European cities so if you get the opportunity to check that out you should let me know how it was.

Wild Light - Adult Nights


01. California On My Mind
02. New Hampshire
03. Canyon City
04. Surf Generation
05. Call Home
06. Heart Attack
07. Future Towns
08. The Party (Oh My God!)
09. My Father Was A Horse
10. Lawless River
11. New Year’s Eve
12. (Surfer’s Reprise)
13. Red House

Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-03-03
Label: Columbia

This band is from New Hampshire and they encompass their genres in good fashion. This album has been getting some good digital press coverage but I'm a bit partial to tracks 02 (even though it's explicitly about somewhere I can't relate as well to) and 09 and figured there must be some people out there who hadn't heard this album. On point instrumentation. 1.6 thumbs up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles


01. Jetson
02. Takeover
03. Feargoo
04. Steadycam
05. Twelfth
06. Loved Rate
07. Face In
08. I Owe Someone For Everything
09. Wild St.
10. Doppelganger

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-09
Label: Tapete

Manchester brings us some more worthy music from the indie scene in the form of the Dutch Uncles s/t LP released earlier this month. Not overly well known but also not unheard of. A little info on what a dutch uncle is because I had no idea there was a connotation behind the term: Dutch uncle is a term for a person who issues frank, harsh, and severe comments and criticism to educate, encourage, or admonish someone. Thus, a "Dutch uncle" is a person who is rather the reverse of what is normally thought of as avuncular or uncle-like (which would be indulgent and permissive).

The Clown - Clownism



01. God's Insane
02. Ocean Meets the Land
03. Kenny Rogers Case
04. Back to the Root
05. Love Is Here to Stay
06. Come Another Day
07. Al Capone
08. Pick Me Up
09. A Bit Like Me
10. Breaking Up the Band (Duet With Miranda)

Genre: Indie/Pop/Singer Songwriter
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-12-20
Label: Hjördisc

The Clown is a superb unheard-of singer songwriter whose name is Henrik Andersson. He performed a show once while dressed as a clown and poof the name was born. Ten songs on the album, ten buttons on the album cover, ten fingers, ten toes. One clown. He was the founding member of Ray Wonder, who I don't know much about, but apparently Beck was quoted once as saying they were his favorite band at the time and he picked them up to support him on a UK tour. Right now their live acts involve three girls and two guys but that's not concrete and they may add more. It's good stuff.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

General Elektriks - Good City For Dreamers



01. Take Back The Instant
02. Raid The Radio
03. You Don't Listen
04. Helicopter
05. Cottons Of inertia
06. Little Lady
07. Engine Kickin' In
08. David Lynch Moments
09. Gathering Of The Lost Loves
10. Mirabelle Pockets
11. La Nuit Des Ephémères
12. Bloodshot Eyes
13. Rebel Sun

Genre: Hip Hop/Electronic/Pop/Downtempo
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-02-23
Label: Discograph

So I learned a little more about General Elektrik in the meantime. It's the work of RV Salters and has followed him through his moves to San Fran, up to Seattle, then back to the Bay Area. He deftly defies any particular classification but managed to start all his groovin with a computer a keyboard and a mic. Eventually he started mixin beats for Quannum and that's why you see Quannum's Lateef scratchin his back on the last album. This album is hot. Youtube video for that first track right here.

Pree - A Chopping Block EP

A Chopping Block


01. Heaven Is A Drag
02. In The Parlor
03. Lack Of Fight
04. Light Fails
05. Speak Warmly

Genre: Indie Folk
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-03-24
Label: Kora

Many thanks to Mike Fink over at Kora Records for giving me a sneak peak at the fantastic folk duo known as Pree. It's their debut album and you can even check out a video for In The Parlor right here. May Tabol brings the acoustic guitar to the ensemble as well as her voice - one that seems to quiver in an intentional uncertainty that gives it an even more natural feel. You can expect this one on March 24 in glorious five track goodness. If you find your way to Heaven Is A Drag and Speak Warmly you'll not be disappointed!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

General Elektriks - Cliquety Kliqk



01. C'Est L'Introduction
02. Frost On Your Sunglasses
03. F'Acing That Void feat.Maroons
04. C'Entral Park
05. Time To Undress
06. Tu M'Intrigues
07. Terms And Conditions Apply
08. Take You Out Tonight feat.Lateef
09. Le Caroussel Cosmique
10. Brain Collage feat.Feetal
11. Parachute
12. Techno Kid

Genre: Electronic/Pop/Experimental
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2005-08-23
Label: Quannum Projects

This albums release date is difficult to pin. iTunes says one thing, other sites say 2003, Amazon.fr says 2004, and I even saw a 2008 somewhere. But whenever it came out it's a fantastic album dominated by retro keys and a taste for keepin the groove nice and mellow. Facing That Void is a baller track as are almost all of the others. He's due for another album pretty soon so keep your ears peeled and I'll see what I can muster.

Sideshow - Admit One

Admit One


01. Television feat. Cortney Tidwell
02. Sequential Dub
03. If Alone feat. Paul St. Hilaire
04. African Cherry
05. French Model in Dub feat. Samar
06. Bottletop feat. Tina Grace
07. Youth of Today
08. Admit One
09. These Things I See in My Vision
10. Strung Outro

Genre: Electronic/Ambient/Dub/Trip Hop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-02
Label: Aus

A big fat wow to this release because after doing a little homework I found out that this is the side project of one of my favorite singer songwriters out there - Fink. Who would have thought. Pooling together numerous musicians, the band pieces together a fundamental journey across dub over the course of this album.

“Sideshow, a side project of Ninja Tune artist Fink, deliver a couple of very special tracks on second album Admit One (Aus Music, out February 2nd). 'French Model in Dub' threads twilight strings through a dubwise reimagining of Kraftwerks 'The Model', while 'If Alone' is an outstanding deep roller with a vocal provided by erstwhile Basic Channel collaborator Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman.”

Monday, February 23, 2009

JJ Cale - Roll On



01. Who Knew
02. Former Me
03. Where The Sun Don't Shine
04. Down To Memphis
05. Strange Days
06. Cherry Street
07. Fonda-Lina
08. Leaving In The Morning
09. Oh Mary
10. Old Friend
11. Roll On
12. Bring Down The Curtain

Genre: Rock/Blues/Country
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-24
Label: Rounder

JJ has been around for a darn long time and if you didn't know it he's the man who wrote songs later made famous by musicians such as Clapton (After Midnight, Cocaine) and Skynyrd (Call Me The Breeze, I Got The Same Old Blues). I'm happy to hear his new album... he's had a great number of them over the years and I'm especially excited to hear the use of some synth in track 03 - the man is incorporating technology of the times. Nice. Several of the tracks towards the middle of the album are instrumental, fyi.

Groove Armada - Drop The Tough Promo



01. Drop The Tough (Original Mix)
02. Drop The Tough (Van She B-Live Remix)
03. Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-Live Club Remix)
04. Pull Up (Crank It Up) Original Mix
05. Pull Up (Crank It Up ) (Mad Decent B-Live Remix)

Genre: Electronic/Pop/Remix
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-01-22
Label: B-Live Share

Drop The Tough is the title track to Groove Armadas newest EP released on Bacardi's pioneering online filesharing medium and is a great choice for the partay mixes. I'm not too sure how it works but this site gives a nice explanation of how Groove Armada managed to get mixed up with Bacardi and what the goal of the site is. My job is merely to say "listen to this track because it will get your booty moving and stimulate all things aural." Job finished.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kesang Marstrand - Bodega Rose



01. Colorless Farewell
02. Say Say Say
03. Real Boy
04. Grow A Garden
05. Lioness
06. The Choir Sighed
07. Any Kind Of Bridge
08. The Slightest Sound
09. Today Next Year
10. When You Returned
11. Thin Skin
12. Bodega Rose

Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008
Label: North Node

It's forever welcome when someone easy on the eyes gives me something easy on the ears. A singer songwriter with a temperamentally crisp voice, Kesang has been perfecting her art for the past decade. The album retains minimalist composition throughout, finding a delicate and harmonious balance between a sound both raw and produced. A tickling piano here, a soft brush tap there, but mostly just Kesang's voice in perpetual dialogue with her soft-spoken guitar and lyrics that stay true to experience and sacrifice nothing to the temptations of traditional radio-friendly songwriting. If you need a further rec, I thoroughly enjoy The Choir Sighed.

Zender - Acid Avenue



01. Revisited / Revisited
02. Get Used To It
03. Visa Nation
04. Stella
05. Northern Exposure
06. Glow / A Nixon Ending
07. Wayne
08. The Ghost
09. S.A.S. / Fullerton Bridge
10. Magnum
11. Acid Avenue
12. Forth City
13. Lux
14. Dender Theme

Genre: Pop/Folk/Rock/Psychedelic
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-09-15
Label: Munich

Let's welcome the first artist to the blog that begins with a Z. Yay. Most assuredly in the psychedelic vein, the album is pullin on roots rangin from rock to americana to pop. The more crowd-friendly tracks would be 09 or the one you're earing about, Stella. It is what it is and it is pleasant to the ears.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuomo - Reaches Out For You



01. Firsts
03. The Grant
04. Ordinary
05. Love & Friendship
06. If It Doesn't Hurt You
07. Head Above The Water
08. Sweet With Me
09. Reach Out For
10. Fear Of Love
11. Good Night

Genre: Soul/Groove
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-04
Label: Jupiter

Second album up from Tuomo - the following are from his site:

It's 49 minutes and 7 seconds long.
It has 11 songs.
19 musicians appear on it.
It was recorded between march and december 2008.
It's all yours, I hope you like it.

About the importance of reaching out...
The title "Tuomo reaches out for you" was originally inspired by conversations I had
with people I met right here, on myspace. When my first album came out I was surprised
and, quite frankly, deeply touched by the messages I got from people around the world.
So many people somehow drifted on to my page and liked what they heard.
I was having conversations with music lovers from places I'd never visited.
This, to me, was beautiful.
Once, after a particularly touching exchange of thoughts with a distant friend,
I wrote a song about the experience. The song was called "Reach out for you".

So, that song started with the idea of reaching out over oceans and
feeling connected with people all over the world, but as I was writing the second verse,
I noticed that I was writing about something that was much closer, and much more personal.
I'm not going into detail here (because it wouldn't make any difference to anyone except me),
but ultimately the song turned out to be about reaching out for the ones who are right next to you,
the ones who can help you when you're down.
It's about saying "I need help", or "You need help, let me help you".
What could be more important?

Anyway, this album is me reaching out for you, not necessarily to offer help, or ask for it...
Just an attempt to touch your lives and be touched by them.
Nothing makes me more happy than knowing you've listened to what I wanted to say.
So keep writing those messages and comments and keep coming to the shows...
...and I'll keep writing these songs, ok?


It's a great album... check out more of his tracks asap.

Iain Archer - To The Pine Roots



01. The Acrobat
02. Songbird
03. Black Mountain Quarry
04. Hey Mia, Don't Be Lonely
05. Everest
06. Frozen Lake
07. Streamer On A Kite
08. To Mend And Move Along
09. The Nightwatchman

Genre: Folk/Pop/Singer Songwriter
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: Black Records
Label: 2009-03-23

"Having diverted from that first solo incarnation to form the Reindeer Section and serve an Ivor Novello winning spell as a songwriter with Snow Patrol, he would make another volte-face into Flood The Tanks (2005) and Magnetic North (2007), his at first insular and then latterly expansive albums on the PIAS label."

Iain Archer is a seasoned (see above) songwriter whose 9-track release To The Pine Roots is full of fingerpicking and soft strumming and all the goodness that you were hoping to find from this genre. Pick it up when it comes out or head over to his website www.iainarcher.co.uk and see if there are any copies of the original pressing left (I doubt it).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Royksopp - Happy Up Here



01. Boys Noize Remix
02. Single Version
03. Breakbot Remix
04. Datassette Remix

Genre: Electronica/Electro/Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-05
Label: EMI

The latest single from Royksopp (put two little dots above that first o) would fit well on a mix with the M.A.G.I.C track from The Sound Of Arrows. Given that you can't purchase the remixes on iTunes I went ahead and posted the Datassette Remix which surprisingly overtook my a priori prediction of Boys Noize taking the cake. Head over to their myspace and catch the original version which is fantastic in its own way too.

Hannah Georgas - The Beat Stuff EP



01. The Beat Stuff
02. Mamas Boy
03. Lets Talk
04. The National
05. All I Need

Genre: Pop Folk/Singer Songwriter
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-01-29
Label: Independent

Hannah Georgas is a recently discovered gem in the rough of the plethora of music that rubs my ears raw in my search for diamonds. The Beat Stuff is the prized title track which you can head over to myspace to get an ear on but in the meantime you can listen to the wisely mellow The National. It's got some serious pop tendencies and her mildly melancholic voice wraps up the package nicely.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rhombus - Bass Player



01 - Onward
02 - Pushing Blocks
03 - Hiroshima Station
04 - Clav Dub
05 - Spaceman
06 - Tour Of Outer Space
07 - Bass Player
08 - JP Dub
09 - Winds
10 - Piano Dub
11 - Dead And Gone
12 - Homeless
13 - Sweetness

Genre: Dub/Reggae/Hip Hop/Lo-Fi
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2003-12-03
Label: Moko

I big phat I-O-U to Asher for these baller kiwi tunes right here. I was surprised when I found out that this was the bands debut album from 2003 because it crushes most of the other contenders for the genre even by todays standards. Anyways, you're gonna have to send away for this one because iTunes only has their stuff put out since this album. So this unofficially gets dedicated to JT in the hopes that he will go and buy their newest albums (Rhombus and Remembrance Day) and then let me ear it in his collection. Chill it out just right and check out Winds.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Kindness Kind - The Kindness Kind



01. Beautiful Souls
02. The Lusk Letter
03. Suckerpunch
04. Houndstooth
05. A New Sense
06. Lotus
07. On And Off Again

Genre: Electronic Indie Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-10-06
Label: Independent

Yeaaaah Mikey likey this one too. Straight outta Seattle (go bro!), I read that the band is the hottest thing to come outta their in a while. I can't really back or refute that statement because I don't know the Seattle music scene all that well but I will say that the band is pretty sick. A good start to their album follows through with a hugely impressive second half to the album. Try On And Off Again, my second fave to Houndstooth.

Stuck In The Sound - Shoegazing Kids

Shoegazing Kids


01. Zapruder
02. Ouais
03. Utah
04. Shoot Shoot
05. Teen Tale
06. Playback AI
07. Beautiful losers
08. What ?!
09. Dirty Wonderfalls
10. Erase
11. Gore Machine
12. I Love You Dark

Genre: Indie Rock
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-01-26
Label: Discograph

I enjoy bringing music to the ears of my friends, especially when that music is not the same music that every other music blog on the internet is posting. So on that note you'll have to excuse me for avoiding the more popular stuff (like the new Ben Folds album) and sticking to albums like this! Picked this up about a week ago after browsing around some French music sites. It's some quality Indie Rock and maintains the quality throughout the album so I say pick it up if you can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thornley - Tiny Pictures



01. Underneath The Radare
02. Changes
03. Man Overboard
04. Your Song
05. Make Believe
06. This Is Where My Heart Is
07. Better Side Of Me
08. Might Be The End
09. Conscience And Consequence
10. All Fall Down
11. Be There For Me
12. Another Memory
13. Make Believe (West Coast Version)

Genre: Alt Rock
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-02-13
Label: 604

Thornley reeks of Nickelback. Some people love Nickelback. I used to, say, 8 years ago. But if any of you are into alternative rock then Thornley is for you. Personally I found myself lucky to have found a track on this album that hit my boom boom dirty bluesy folksy button - that would be track 10 All Fall Down. So ear it up and if you're inclined to ear further you have everything you need to do so. Maybe I like the song a little bit more because it reminds me of movies like Dusk Til Dawn in that Tito & Tarantula (but acoustic) way.

Anomie Belle - Sleeping Patterns


01. Down
02. How can I be sure
03. American view
04. John Q public
05. Cascade
06. Greenhouse
07. Bedtime stories
08. Before you leave me
09. February sun
10. Dox Amsterdam
11. Amy song

Genre: Classical/Trip Hop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-12-12
Label: Independent

an·o·mie [an-uh-me] n social unrest or normlessness; malaise, alienation and purposelessness.
belle [bel] n a popular and charming woman; especially: a woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite.

Anomie Belle is the work of classical violinist Toby Campbell and is some darn fine work if you don't mind my saying so. My favorite track is John Q Public, and if you check out the words throughout her album you'll find them deep to ponder yet sweet on delivery. A nice acoustic track is track 09, February Sun. Ear along now.

Oh, Atoms - You Can't See The Stars From Here



01. Sugar Mouse
02. Nylon & Leather
03. Brooklyn Cheesecake
04. This Is Not You Song
05. Five Over Stripe
06. Ice Cream Blonde
07. Shaftesbury Drill
08. Lucky Motel
09. Silver Spoon
10. Transcontinental
11. Little Victories
12. You Can't See The Stars From Here

Genre: Indie Pop/Folk
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-01-19
Label: Lucky Motel

I heard Sugar Mouse a few months ago on a promo disc and I'm glad to finally get ahold of their full length LP. It remains my favorite track even amongst all the other great songs on the album... a close second being the instrumental track at the end in all its 88 second glory. It's another UK band bringing some quality variation on the folk genre and I'm sure plenty of you will find it more than agreeable.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Choir Of Young Believers - Action-Reaction 7"



01. Action-Reaction (Radio Edit)
02. Action-Reaction (Album Version)
03. Why Must It Always Be This Way

Genre: Indie/Folk/Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-16
Label: Chess Club

Set to be released in just two days, this new track by Choir Of Young Believers is a hit with me which means it has a decent chance of being a hit with you. A little bio was pulled from rough trade shop, but before we get to that if you're interested take a listen to a live duet performance of this song... cello and electric guitar in a much more slowified version:

"the latest pop sensation from the chess club stable. limited 7" only. choir of young believers are a new danish act led by 26 year old, danish / greek and indonesian, jannis noya makrigiannis, who for many years was part of the legendary band, lake placid. choir of young believers now includes the breathtaking orchestrations of 8 others which paired with jannis's otherwordly vocals builds sand castles in sound. choir of young believers are one of those rare transportive bands, whose music grabs at your soul and drowns out the miserable monotony of every day life around you. 'action / reaction' the choir of young believers uk debut is an intriguing, genre crossing, introduction to a world according to the believers. jannis's vocals on 'action / reaction' echo those of an early sun-kissed brian wilson, giving an intelligent pop lecture about, "spending time walking spirals and line, did i honestly ever believe. a change of the mind and a change of position, no reaction no reaction". each new listen brings out another colour, another feeling."

p.s. yet again you can't pick this up on itunes yet so the link is to their EP released in 2008 so head on over and ear the other tunes.

Thecocknbullkid - I'm Not Sorry Promo


01. I'm Not Sorry
02. There's A Mother In Our Bed

Genre: Electro Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009
Label: Moshi Moshi

I don't know too much about Anita BlayuGhana/London based popster but she's puttin forth some of the best pop a la electro that I've heard in at least a few weeks. Her myspace picture is an awesome animated gif so check that out too (it's cut from the Youtube video). The buy link doesn't take you to this single because it's being released on Moshi Moshi shortly - it does, however, take you to her last single On My Own Again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The View - Which Bitch



01. Typical Time 2
02. 5Rebbeccas
03. One Off Pretender
04. Unexpected
05. Temptation Dice
06. Glass Smash
07. Distant Doubloon
08. Jimmy’s Crazy Conspiracy
09. Covers
10. Double Yellow Lines
11. Shock Horror
12. Realisation
13. Give Back The Sun
14. Gem Of A Bird

Genre: Indie Punk/Alternative
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-02
Label: 1965

A solid sophomore album from UK indie rockers The View. Good melodies and several tracks that border on indie punk folk (which I like) make this album more well rounded than most indie albums I come across. I get some Tellers in their fast paced mumbled mispronounced (to me) singing on a few of their tracks, like the one you'll be earing above. Love the strings in that one too.

Dhoop Sticks - Indian Traffic


01. Telescope
02. Heritage
03. Gayatri
04. Amma
05. Time Is Precious
06. Sexy Sarod
07. Indian Traffic
08. Gouree
09. Restless
10. Falling
11. Teddy Wu
12. Paradiese

Genre: World/Ethnic/Groove
Website: No Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2008-12-15
Label: Elfenmaschine

Dhoop Sticks. Anybody ever heard of em? Not I. But there's a lot of swaying between genres on this album and it's done really well regardless of which one they hit with any given song. Whether it's lo-fi groove-laden tracks like Gouree or Gayatri, ethnic singer songwriting like Heritage, a mesh of both like the title track Telescope, or just fun little numbers like Teddy Wu. A quality and highly unexpected snag.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inverse - So True EP




01. Rise And Shine
02. So True (Feat. Deacon Of Cunninlynguists)
03. Sunny California Part 2
04. Spark My Soul (Feat. Substantial)
05. Beautiful City
06. Goodnight Goodnight

Genre: Hip Hop
Website: Myspace | Free!
Release Date: 2009-01-07
Label: Independently Released

It's an incredible pleasure to be tossin Inverse up here. I remember years ago, maybe even as many as 5 or 6 years ago, when I got ahold of my first and only Inverse track until now. It was called Inverse Theory and it was probably one of the most down-to-earth track I had heard in a long long time. I still love it and still drop it on my playlists. Finally, after a long wait, Inverse is back. And I almost forgot to mention... why did I first get that track? Because I went to high school with the emcee on the right Mr. Tunji Balogun and I am happy to see he's still doin his thang and doin it jus fine.

Melanoid - Asleep In The Wake



01. Try To Hide
02. Rain
03. Right
04. Under The Covers
05. Roam
06. Don't Look Now
07. Leave Me Home
08. Finer Wine
09. Early Grave
10. Thought You Knew
11. Sea Saw
12. Stop This
13. Future To Pretend
14. Lightness

Genre: Alternative Ambient Indie
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-01-20
Label: Independent

Right here we've got a very fine album that's in need of some very fine listeners. An album founded on the singing and songwriting of John Hanson (whose brother happens to be Josh Hanson, the singer songwriter behind Yellow Red Sparks), Asleep In The Wake is a nice combination of indie and acoustic, ambient with the indie and a slightly alternative folk sound with the acoustic. It doesn't need much introduction... pick up the album and find a favorite, a task not as easy as you think it might be.


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