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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fink - Sort Of Revolution



01. Sort Of Revolution
02. Move On Me
03. Six Weeks
04. Nothing Is Ever Finished
05. See It All
06. Q & A
07. If I Had A Million
08. Pigtails
09. Maker
10. Walking In The Sun

Genre: Folk/Alternative/Indie/Lo-Fi
Website: Myspace | Can't Buy Yet!
Release Date: 2009-04-28
Label: Ninja Tune

FINALLY. Not that there is ever a huge variation to speak of in all of his albums (almost flatline consistency over the course of his albums) but it's a classic case of "find what you're good at and stick to it." Fink does his music in a way nobody else could. It's his. And he's sharing it with us.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Norma - Book Of Norma



01. S.A.M.
02. Waste
03. Evelyn
04. It Will Last
05. Gods Will
06. Desperate Times
07. You Go We Follow
08. Empty Hands

Genre: Indie/Post-Rock/Electronica
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008
Label: Novoton

Norma was formed in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The band is influenced by a mash of genres that fill the line on which they walk. A year in the making, Book of Norma, is an album that captures the minimalistic tone of their own ambition by way of dysphoric proportions. The trio has created a warm and rich soundscape that could only be evoked by recording in isolation. Hypnotic and enduring, Norma is enjoyable in the same vein as Explosions in the Sky and Fujiya & Miyagi.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey Champ - Hey Champ EP



01. The Underpass
02. Eugene
03. A Modern Ruse

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Website: Myspace | Can't Buy!
Release Date: 2006
Label: n/a

Saw these champs at Double Door here in Chicago a few weeks ago. The show was short (35-45 minutes max) but they rocked out hard for such a condensed set. Their current style is more dance electronic indie so I was surprised to hear this more pop indie rock EP which I picked up from my new music source. Who'd-a-thunk-it. Still dece though. Oh yeah. They playin at Lolla too so be there.

Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine

Ode to Sunshine


01. Tomorrow Foes Away
02. Trashcan
03. People C'mon
04. House Built For Two
05. Strange Vine
06 Streetwalker
07. People Turn Around
08. Parade
09. Bleeding Bells
10. Children
11. Ode To Sunshine

Genre: Indie/Rock/Blues/Folk
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-08-26
Label: Rounder

A band that has matured quite nicely from their EP I Think I've Found It in 2006. They developed their style and turned into more blues and soul than pop. I'm glad. Because they are playing at Lolla and I plan on catching them there.

the Philippians - Goodnite Life



01. She Will Return
02. Murderizing Middle Man
03. Heart Man
04. Goodnite Life
05. Zim Plants
06. Third Time Out
07. Ghost Clock
08. Tin Foil Fish
09. 100 Knives
10. Palathedic
11. Understand, Inc.
12. Liz Ride

Genre: Electronic/Experimental
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2006
Label: Brake

Pleasant-to-the-ears The Books-esque electronic glitch pop. A rare find.

Castledoor - Follow The Dove EP



01. Once Upon An Intro
02. Burn The Maps
03. Growing A Garden
04. The Birds And The Fleas
05. What A Day What A Day What An Interlude
06. Magnetic Forces
07. Dove
08. Remember When

Genre: Rock/Pop/Indie
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2006
Label: Castledoor

Found this band last week. It made the cut.

Fran├žois Virot - Yes Or No

Yes or No


01. Not The One
02. Dummies
03. Island
04. Cascade Kisses
05. Say Fiesta
06. Young Sand
07. Where O
08. I Wish I Had You
09. Fish Boy
10. Yes Sun

Genre: Indie Folk
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-09-30
Label: Frenetic

Great spazzed-out folk from this french dude. Give it a chance... it's pretty unique.

Mellowdrone - Maquina EP



01. Maquina
02. Machine (En Espanol)
03. Settle The Hum
04. Wouldn't Mind

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-09
Label: iTunes

I used to listen to Mellowdrone on repeat back when Box came out. It's still one of my favorite albums to listen to start to finish when I'm in an alt indie mood. Check out this much delayed post on their most recent EP.

Marching Band - Spark Large

Spark Large


01. For Your Love
02. Gorgeous Behavior
03. Feel Good About It
04. Make No Plans
05. Makeup Artist
06. Travel In Time
07, Letters
08. Special Treatment
09. I Could Never
10. Everything
11. Aggravate
12. Sparkle

Genre: Pop/Indie/Folk
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-12-22
Label: U & L

"If The Shins played music after popping Prozac, they might come up with something similar to Spark Large the full-length debut from the Swedish duo Marching Band. Musicians Erik Sunberg and Jacob Lind have created an album that is brimming with breezy pop songs, perfect for a rise-and-shine playlist or one final summer road trip ."

Starfucker - Jupiter


01. Medicine
02. Boy Toy
03. Dance Face 2000
04. Bed-Stuy (Super-Cop)
05. Biggie Smalls
06. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
07. Jupiter
08. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second (Strategy Remix)

Genre: Electronic
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-05-05
Label: Badman

Some badass electronic grooves from Starfucker. Jupiter is just a teaser so grab the real deal rest of the album.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Dawn Of The Dead

Just felt like sharing this quick single from Does It Offend You, Yeah? because someone brought it to my attention recently.


K-Os - Yes!



01. Zambony
02. Astronaut
03. Burning Bridges
04. Uptown Girl
05. I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
06. 4321
07. Eye Know Something
08. The Aviator
09. FUN!
10. Mr. Telephone Man
11. WhipC.R.E.A.M.
12. The Avenue

Genre: Hip Hop/Funk/Beat
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-04-21
Label: Crown Loyal

New album from K-Os released a few days ago. Not a bad one - definitely a few tracks worth the while.

Angus & Julia Stone - The Beast EP



01. The Beast
02. Lonely Goat
03. Soldier
04. My Malakai

Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter/Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-01-06
Label: Nettwerk

Been busy at work and ironing out some of my music collection (I just got onto what.cd a week ago and it's proving time-consuming).

Another great and terse release from the sibling duo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Northern - Remind Me Where The Light Is



01. Story
02. Houses
03. Fingers
04. Snakes
05. Stop
06. New Tricks
07. Mountain
08. Warning
09. Driveway
10. Numbers
11. 33

Genre: Alternative Indie
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-04-28
Label: Eenie Meenie

"Despite some points of mediocrity, Remind Me Where The Light Is manages to impress overall. Pinpoint production and evocative harmonics make this album a worthwhile endeavor for any pop fan and is perfectly suited for an evening ride alone down the highway, or with a fat bowl of hashish (in your hookah) and a beer with the lights down."

The Spinto Band - Nice & Nicely Done

Nice and Nicely Done


01. Did I Tell You
02. Brown Boxes
03. Oh Mandy
04. Trust Vs. Mistrust
05. Spy Vs. Spy
06. Crack The Whip
07. Direct To Helmet
08. Late
09. So Kind, Stacy

10. Mountains

Genre: Indie Pop
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-06-03
Label: Bar/None

From Wiki:

"While some kids were busy building tree forts or designing the neighborhood sandlot, a few friends from Wilmington, Delaware were hanging out in the family basement figuring out how to make and record music. While some dreamt that wiffle ball bats might someday turn into Louisville sluggers under the big league lights, none of the future members of the Spinto Band thought that music would someday lead to touring the world, performing to crowds of thousands and making records with their recording heroes, let alone the idea of being in a band that would become a source of sustaining themselves."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kevin Rudolph - Let It Rock (Man Is Doomed Remix)

Keeping to the tune of the last post... a killer remix by Man Is Doomed of a very trendy song.


"The world is turning to crap! Let the dance party begin! That is the mantra of Man is Doomed, the neo-disco-electro-funk band created by the music production duo The Skeptics (Brian Casey and Danny Burke) and visual artist Anton Friant. Inspired by electronic, funk and disco music, Man is Doomed's debut Escape to Europa is a bold combination of contemporary dance production and classic pop songwriting. A blend of razor synths, brutal dance beats, and provocative land hooky lyrics create a musical aphrodisiac that will make the listener uncontrollably want to shake 'it'. So fear not people of Earth, there is still hope. Join with Man is Doomed on their funktastic voyage as they drop Escape to Europa on March 30th."

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (James Rutledge Remix)

The remix is perhaps the most innovative marketing tool of our digital generation. Free publicity for the band and remixer and to top it off (if it makes it to the mainstream) the product is a new way to enjoy something already enjoyable. Here we have the James Rutledge Remix of recently reviewed Bombay Bicycle Club's track Always Like This.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ryan Driver - Feeler Of Pure Joy



01. You Are Beside Me
02. TIme And Trouble
03. It's Nothing
04. When Were You In Mexico?
05. No One Can Say Too Well
06. That's Which Way The Water Falls
07. Oh The World Between Us
08. Spinning Towers
09. Why The Road?
10. The Thousand Feathers Of My Love
11. Feeler Of Pure Joy

Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-04-14
Label: Fire

"He's been a key member of a number of the most interesting ensembles in the city, including Deep Dark United, The Reveries, The Silt, the Guayaveras, The Fake New Age Music Band, he's worked with Sandro Perri as the duo Double Suicide and Jennifer Castle in Castlemusic, and he has his own mutant jazz standards group, The Ryan Driver Quartet. He plays guitar and sings, but he's also an accomplished improviser, and he can break your heart improvising on a twangy ruler or blowing onto the surface of a rubber balloon. Despite this, you have to listen carefully to hear Ryan, not because he's difficult to hear, but because he's not about to show himself off. He's there if you want to hear him."

Drive Like Maria - Elmwood



01. So
02. I'm On A Train
03. Talk To Me
04. Sure Enough Feat. Janis Ian
05. Here Comes The Night
06. Die A Little More
07. King Of My Town
08. Leave This Town
09. Elmwood 6h25 / Born On The 4th Of July
10. License To Kill
11. Fistful Of Bananas

Genre: Rock
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-03-15
Label: PIAS

Queens of Stone Age-ish rock.

The Dead Trees - King Of Rosa

King of Rosa


01. Ok Standby
02. Shelter
03. My Friend Joan, She Never Asks
04. Killer in Me
05. Instrumental
06. I Have, I Want
07. Loretta
08. Let Me Sleep
09. Twin Cities
10. New England Skies

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Folk
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date:2008-10-21
Label: Milan

"Both the Decemberists and the Dead Trees are from Oregon, but this album and the Hazards of Love couldn't be more different. King of Rosa is much more straight forward: an energetic, ten song, 35 minute burst of guitar and drums that recalls the alternative rock heyday of the 1990s. Some of the tracks are inspired by the Stooges and Exile-era Stones, others by more recent bands like Radiohead, Wilco, and Supergrass. "Shelter" recalls Lennon's primal scream therapy period, "My Friend Joan" fuses the Band with the Shins, and toward the end of the album, Ray Davies exerts quite an influence. Mostly, the band employs a stripped down bass, guitars, drums attack, though it gets more acoustic toward the end. The drumming, much to my surprise, is more dynamic and inspired than it is in most bands you'll hear today. Unfortunately, the CD has no band information on the inside sleeve. They shouldn't be so modest. Kings of Rosa is an impressive album, and I look forward to hearing what these guys are going to do next."

Sin Fang Bous - Clangour



01. Advent In Ives Garden
02. The Jubilee Chorus
03. Catch The Light
04. Sinker Ship
05. Melt Down The Knives
06. Clangour And Flutes
07. We Belong
08. Carry Me Up To Smell Pine
09. A Fire To Sleep In
10. Fa Fa Fa
11. Poi Rot
12. Lies

Genre: Indie/Pop/Experimental/Folk
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-02-06
Label: Morr

Solo project Sin Fang Bous from Sindri Mar Sigfusson of Seabear.

The Heptones - Meet The New Generation

Meet the Now Generation


01. Hypocrite
02. Save The Last Dance
03. Our Day Will Come
04. Freedom To The People
05. Freedom Train
06. Everyday Every Night
07. Love Has Many Faces
08. Be The One
09. The Road Is Rough
10. The Magnificent Heptones
11. George Headley Medley
12. I've Got A Feeling

Genre: Reggae
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-04-14
Label: VP

Reissue of this Heptones and friends album originally released in 1972.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club - I Had The Blues But I Shook Them (Promo)



01. Always Like This
02. Dust On The Ground
03. Lamplight
04. Magnet
05. Morning After

Genre: Indie/Alternative/Pop
Website: Myspace | Buy!
Release Date: 2009-06
Label: Island

"5 Track sampler from this awesome London based 4-piece band
forthcoming album 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose' set
for release June 2009.

Bombay Bicycle Club's debut album was recorded between late
October 2008 and late November 2008 at Konk Studios in London
- the album was produced by Jim Abbiss. According to the
band's MySpace the debut album is set to be released in June
2009. The band also played the Levi's Ones To Watch tour at
the end of October, which included dates in: Brighton, London,
Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow.

At the end of 2008 Bombay Bicycle Club signed a deal with
Island Records to release future singles and albums with the
record label. All releases will be published through the
Mmm...Records/Island Records offprint, the first release being
the single Always Like This. The single will be released on
April 13 and the band will tour throughout April in support of
the release."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lady Of The Sunshine - Smoking Gun



01. Silver Revolver
02. Home Sweet Home
03. White Rose parade
04. Jack Nimble
05. Big Jet Plane
06. Smoking Gun
07. Daisychain
08. The Wolf
09. Anna
10. Kings Black Magic
11. Dead Mans Train
12. Lady Sunshine

Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock/Blues
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2009-04-06
Label: Flock

WOW what an unexpected surprise. Angus & Julia Stone ring any bells? This is the forefront of Angus' solo efforts and features some more variety than his collaboration with his sister. Folk, blues rock, a bit of indie. Nice and rounded. White Rose Parade is the single leading the way and will give you a good idea of this variation.

"Angus wrote, sang and played electric and acoustic guitar on the album of which he co-produced with his accomplice ‘Finn’ (Govinda Doyle) on drums and bass. The album was recorded over 6 weeks throughout 2008 in an old water tank in the scorching hills of North QLD, Australia. Finn’s wife would cook supper for them and her new born baby whilst they worked till the young hours of dawn."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Jakes - Shake My Hand



01. Garands at Normandie
02. Paid the Piper
03. Cough Syrup
04. Schizophrenia
05. Shake My Hand
06. Take Me Home
07. Texas Tea

Genre: Alternative Indie
Website: Myspace |
Release Date: 2008-08-05
Label: The Jakes

"The band displays a myriad of styles on Shake My Hand from the frenzied pace of the aptly titled ‘Schizophrenia,’ to the mid-tempo ‘Cough Syrup’ and even an acoustic ballad (‘Take Me Home’). The band has a sound that is wise beyond their years and with Shake My Hand, a marked improvement from 2007’s This Is... The Jakes, the band’s young career seems to be only moving up."


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