Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth-Lincoln Hall

Obviously I loved The Tallest Man On Earth before I went to the show this past Fri @ Lincoln Hall, but now i really love The Tallest Man On Earth. To avoid being cliche and redundant with all the Dylan comparisons and lengthy descriptions that nobody will read, I'll just say this: It's amazing that one guy with one guitar can captivate an audience like this guy. He literally needs no support whatsoever. He played nearly an hour and a half set, and only at the end for an encore of Dylan tunes (no, but seriously, he did some covers--so i had to reference) did he bring anyone else out on stage. And here's the magic that happens when he did:

Is that his wife?

He played almost his entire new album while also sprinkling in some of our favorites from his first album (I Won't Be Found, The Gardener, etc.). Oh, and he looked like he was on some crazy drugs the whole time--he would creep up and lean his head into the crowd and stare down people while his eyes went all crazy-like, and then he would back up to the middle of the stage again to start strumming his capo-d chords. Regardless, he was absolutely mesmerizing.


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