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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Civil Wars

I'm not completely sure what's caused The Civil Wars' blow up in the recent (weeks? months?) but either way, it's completely deserved and perfectly timely. (OH. I just noticed their song "Poison and Wine" was played IN FULL on Grey's Anatomy. That makes sense). Anywho, I'm not going to bore you with how I found out about them, because ultimately you won't read that and probably don't care. So. What the hell do they sound like? Two flawless voices--both of which encompass their gender and range somewhat flawlessly. Think of an extremely well-rounded but rawer male voice blending with the most feminine voice you can think of and then harmonize them together over a minor chord.

Go here for a free download, and check out the "Poison and Wine" video below.

The Civil Wars are a classic but unique male-female duo. Their lyrics and melodies are positively haunting, and there's a fairly decent chance this album will make you cry. Their Nashville roots are practically bleeding from each track, with country-tinged tracks and then stripped down songs of aching heartbreak. The songs can blur together in familiarity, but it certainly doesn't take away from the listenability of the album. "20 years" is my favorite, mostly because it makes me feel that weight on top of your chest that can only happen when you hear truth in a song.

They've been selling out every show in Nashville over the past couple of weeks, and it's probably not long before that's the case everywhere. They're the single of the week on Itunes, and pretty much everywhere. Check out Relevant Magazine, a video from The Tonight Show, Grey's Anatomy apparently, ITunes, and along with everyone else who has ever even though about music--they'll also be at SXSW in March. Catch 'em while you can.


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