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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Head and The Heart

Recently I was gifted a CD by The Head and The Heart. I set it aside for awhile, forgetting to give it a listen, but once I did--I literally didn't take it ouf of my car for weeks. The 9-track masterpiece has been playing on repeat for weeks (except for when my friends forcibly removed it in exchange for some mixes on an 8 hour car ride to Chicago), and I plan to keep it there. The Head and the Heart is a Seattle-based band, and they're currently on the road with Dr. Dog. In fact, lucky us in Nashville--they'll be here Saturday.

What's so badass about the album? It flows seamlessly, like a concept album should, with one song bleeding into the next leaving you no clear beginning or end to each track. The guy-girl harmonies are subtle and just enough--they blend smoothly and comfortably just like the songs. The lyrics are poignantly searching: interpreted statements of lost spirituality ("somewhere underneath the floorboard I will sweep my God in..."), discovery, heartache, and everything else we're trekking through this life and figuring out. And they do it all with jangling acoustic guitars, some bouncy piano parts, and a simplicity that's somewhat daunting. My only problem with this album? It's too f*cking short.

Listen to this album all the time, but particularly if you're driving on a grey day and you're wondering what the hell it is you're supposed to do with your life.


Beth said...

I have just discovered them as well and enjoying it as much as you. I drove from the city to the country and like you said it was perfect driving fare:)

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