Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holcombe Waller w/ Daniel Martin Moore @ The End

If you haven't heard of Holcombe Waller yet, now's your chance. Get a ticket and head over to The End on Elliston tomorrow and check this guy out.

Waller has a soothing, more versatile voice than most singer songwriters, and he packs more emotion into three lines than most artists can in 3 minutes. His videos and songs have an eccentricity to them to be expected from almost any musician, but there's something particularly compelling about his vocals and his sincere, honest lyrics. His full length, Into The Dark Unknown was released last week via Napoleon records, and he is headed around the U.S. with Haley Bonar as I type.

He's garnering some pretty impressive press, and you can check out what the New York Times has to say about him here and what NPR has to say about him here

If you're in the Nashville area, swing by Elliston place and trapse on into The Enda and catch this chamber folk all-star in action tonight @ 9.


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