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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Features Record Release Party - Mercy Lounge

NASHVILLE. Get your party pants on. The Features Record release show is this Saturday at Mercy Lounge (everybody's favorite...or at least mine), and they are going to rock the town down. If anyone was at the block party last week, then you know that Mercy can host a hell of an event. Plus, Nashville's finest will be playing a show to release their newest album. Check out what Mercy has to say about it:

"The Features’ exhilarating new Wilderness (Serpents and Snakes/Bug Music) quickly establishes the Nashville-based combo as one of the most exciting and imaginative bands working today. Songs like “Another One” and “Fats Domino” are marvels of pop ingenuity, animated by vivid lyrics, unshakable hooks, and experimental soul. Wilderness is an amalgamation of influences and inspirations – spanning elements of Krautrock, indie, psychedelia, and classic AOR – to conjure up The Features’ own inimitable, indescribable sound.

'I feel like we walk this fine line,” says singer/guitarist Matt Pelham. “We’re not weird enough for a certain crowd and we’re a little bit too out there for the other crowd. We fall in the middle somewhere between mainstream and hipster, which puts us in this weird place, but we’re all pretty happy to be here.'"

The guys are playing with The Seth Timbs Thing & PUJOL, and the show starts at 9. 10 bucks in advance, or 12 dollars at the show. You decide. I've lived in Nashville for 2 years and have yet(MISTAKE!) to see The Features live in action.


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