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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Caveman @ The Basement

Seeing Caveman last night at The Basement was like transporting Nashville directly to Brooklyn. In an opening slot for Here We Go Magic, Caveman started playing at The Basement to one of its most sparse crowds. This could easily be blamed on Paul Simon’s show at the Ryman and other Nashville favorites playing throughout town, but either way, it would have been hard to tell whether they were playing to ten people or a thousand people. The unassuming guys (raging in age, well, quite a bit) gathered shots of Jameson before the set and stepped on with little announcement. This, I always appreciate. Musicians shouldn’t talk. They followed this self-made rule quite well.

One thing I couldn’t resist about Caveman from the first song was the infectious, pounding double-percussion. With one guy on drums and the lead singer pounding away on a snare, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a sweaty Local Natives show I’d once been at in The Basement. The lead singer has a melodic and somewhat surprising voice wandering through songs that sound like Suckers meets Explosions In The Sky meets some super-indie hipster band from Brooklyn that Jesus hasn’t heard of.

I was impressed with Caveman’s ability to hold my attention without being familiar with any of the songs, and when the harmony came through-I melted. The synth resonated throughout the room, and I couldn’t help but tap my feet in an attempt to follow the beat. (I usually failed)—The thing I enjoyed about Caveman was their unassuming manner and willingness to cut the bullshit. They were there to play music, and that’s what they did.

Nashville is a particularly hard town to play in, given the amount of knowledgeable (and often snobby) musicians, as well as the sheer amount of good music played live every night throughout town. Despite that, the group played a passionate set to an entranced, albeit small, crowd. My only problem with Caveman is their obvious and blatant Brooklyn-ness. It seems every band I hear or see from the area wants to be different and ends up being the same. Indie noise rock plaid synth booze sweating flannel whiskey rhythminggggggg. Either way, they're worth seeing if you've got a free night-unless you're already in Brooklyn. You have probably seen them play 10-15 times.

Last dates with Here We Go Magic end tomorrow, but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tours.

Check out the guys running through "Decide" for FADER TV:


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