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Monday, January 16, 2012

Walk Off The Earth - Gotye Cover "Somebody That I Used To Know"

So, apparently this video has just gone VIRAL. I'm talking over 23 million views in the last few weeks alone. So, I'm probably one of the last people with a computer to talk about it. But, in my humble opinion, it's still well worth posting just in case you a) haven't seen it or b) need to see it again.

A good cover is hard to find. You want it to sound enough like the original so that you still actually enjoy the song, but it needs to have enough character on its own to be even somewhat decent. (This is why karaoke never works or constitutes as a 'cover', because neither of the aforementioned requirements are met.)

This cover stays true enough to the original song but IS PERFORMED WITH ONLY ONE GUITAR.

Apparently these guys have been around for a bit and have gained a bit of notoriety for covering some other songs as well-- they're from Canada, and all I can say is that I'm excited to see what else they've got.


Lainy B said...

Hi !
enjoy this bands video, it's an inspirational response cover of wote.


hahaha. please re post if you like it!

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